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Building canoes and kayaks

I offer two types of Candian canoes to build, the „Lakelander“ and the „Mayfly“.  (Building kayaks comes at a later stage.)

Both these elegant and light weight canoes were designed by ORCA ( in the Lake District, UK.

For those living in or close the UK, I reccommend to go and build your canoe with ORCA. They are much closer (thus cheaper) to reach for you. I learned most of my canoe building skills with Steve and Dan from ORCA.

The courses are designed for individuals or small groups. You don't need any wood working skills, as the stages are really simple to follow. We build the canoes using the clamstring touniquet method, developed by ORCA.

Bring friends and family along to help out at no extra cost and make a holiday out of it.

The courses will be held in North Germany (90km North of Hamburg) on the old farm Aalhoop near Beldorf 25557 in a big old barn.

We always have coffee and tea ready for you.

Please bring your own food.

You'll find accommodation in Albersdorf, Heide, Hanerau- Hademarschen, Meldorf and vicinity.

{tab The Lakelander}

Price: 595.- €


  • 2. - 4. June 2017
  • 6. - 8. October 2017

Your canoe is build over three days.

This is ORCA's very own design and has been evolved through extensive builds and usage of a great number of canoes since 1995. The Lakelander is 4,4m long by 1m width. She has graceful lines, is very stable in the water and retains a good load carrying capacity, and weights in at only 24kgs.

The canoe is built for two people to paddle and allows plenty of space for kit storage, dogs, kids, picnick hampers etc.

We use lightweight materials so the canoe can be lifted and carried by one person and can be easily transported on the roof of a car. For the shell (hull), we use a high grade outdoor water boiled proof (WBP) ply, with wooden gunwales, thwarts and seats. All seams will be reinforced with marine grade epoxy resin and fibre glass tape.

If you want to paint your canoe, you are welcome to bring your paint and design along.

{tab The Mayfly}

Price: 575.- €


  • 2. - 4. June 2017
  • 6. - 8. October 2017

This is a three day course.

The Mayfly is a solo canoe with the option of a second paddler. She is 3,8m long and 1m wide. She is smaller than the Lakelander, but still really stable and confident in most conditions, and much quicker to build.

The canoe is built for solo use, yet roomy enough for all usual camping gear, food, dog, stove etc.

The Mayfly has a fast hull profile and a super fine bow for smooth and easy paddling and cranks over on her edge for comfortable journeying. Weighing it at just 14kgs, she's even easier to heft than the Lakelander.

Your canoe will be finished of with epoxy resin, a plywood seat and with wooden spars and yoke. If you would like to seat a second person in your canoe, then just let me know.

If you want to paint your canoe, you are welcome to bring your paint and design along.





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