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Archaic Skills
Stone Age services for museums
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Werner Auschnitt


Werner Pfeifer, was born 1964 and grew up in Namibia. He has learned a lot from the local San (Bushmen) and to this day he takes interested visitors to his San friends in the Kalahari. Together with San elders he's busy now setting up a tracking school for young San.

By practicing different Stone Age- and bushcraft skills over the last 20 years he has developed, among others, the art of making fully functional Stone Age hunting bows with only a knife and an axe. For many years he has been internationally teaching classes on Stone Age and bushcraft subjects such as making prehistoric hunting gear, basic flint knapping, different fire making techniques, primitive cooking, tracking and other general Stone Age techniques.

He has carried out some successful experiments with prehistoric glue making and raw hide boat building and works as a Stone Age museum teacher in the Steinzeitpark Dithmarschen, Germany. Here he has developed a Mesolithic settlement and introduced a new educational concept.

From his formal education as a teacher he has longstanding experience in museum education and consequently gets invited by several open air museums and bush craft companies in different European countries for special activities and events.




I work with the following institutions and people on a regular basis:



Dr. Rüdiger Kelm, director, Steinzeitpark Dithmarschen, Germany

Mrs. Ute Drews, director, Viking museum Haithabu, Germany

Laurent Mazet, director of activities, Sagnlandet Lejre, Denmark

Roeland Paardekooper, director of EXARC, former director Freilichtmuseum Oerlinghausen, Germany

Jack Veldman, director, Archeon, Netherlands

Mrs. Leena Lehtinen, director Kierikki open air museum, Finland

Marc van Hasselt, coordinator in Archeon, also Chair of IMTAL Europe and Live Interpretation Coordinator for Interpret Europe



Dr. Linda Hurcombe, professor of experimental archaeology, University of Exeter, England

Dr. Theresa Kamper, lecturer in tanning techniques, University of Exeter, England


Bush Craft Companies:

Woodsmoke, Ben McNut, Dr. Lisa Fenton, Lake District, England

Wildniswissen, Klara- Marie Schulke, Wolfgang Peham, Germany

Wildniswandern, Matthias Blass, Germany

Extrasurvival, Rene Nauta, Beke Olpers, Netherlands


I have also facilitated activities at the following institutions, but the new directors are not aware of my work yet.

Hjerl Hede Friluftmuseet, Denmark (Stone Age activities)

Oldtidsparken, Denmark (Stone Age activities)

Ribe Vikingcenter, Denmark (Viking activities)

Natureum Niedersachsen, Germany (I built the Mesolithic settlement)

Arche Warder, Germany (I built their first Neolithic house and offered Stone Age activities there for many years)






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